Jennifer Ghormley Artist
October afternoonUncommon BondStitched TipsStitched TipsStitched TipsStitched TipsIntersecting TipsIntersecting TipsIntersecting TipsPlanting the SeedsBodyPod series: Untitled 3 (nubs)BodyPod series: Untitled 3 (nubs)BodyPod series: Untitled 2 (flower)BodyPod series: Untitled 2 (flower)BodyPod series: Untitled 1 (3 piece nest)BodyPod series: Untitled 1 (3 piece nest)SomberAfter O'KeeffeThe things that make me different are the things that make meExtendedExtendedExtendedIn TenseCloserCringeDanglePinchyPrint ZeroGrowthPaper Bag podNippopolasaurusDissectDissipateTuck
I utilize a range of media in the expression of my creative ideas - traditional printmaking processes, drawing, photographs, digital applications, 3-D installations, etc.