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Planting the Seeds
Planting the Seeds
screenprint and woodcut
8 x 10"

Planting the Seeds: Pedagogy in Print
group exhibition curated by Jennifer Ghormley

The process of teaching and learning is a reciprocal engagement between instructor and student. The purpose of this exhibition is to highlight this connection and shared experience through a salon-style display of the range of skills and talent related to the printmaking medium. My goal as curator is to represent a broad range of aesthetic styles, approaches, and creative backgrounds, as printmaking can be springboard for creativity and imagination. Planting the Seeds is a nod to the infectious way printmaking can become an integral part of one’s artmaking process. Not always the end result, rather printmaking can sometimes be another step or tool in the artist’s bag of tricks.

March 3-31, 2016
The Corner Gallery
Lakewood Cultural Center
470 S. Allison Pwky, Lakewood, CO

part of the Month of Printmaking