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Uncommon Bond
Uncommon Bond
woodblock print on shaped frosted mylar, machine and hand stitching, thread
8 x 10"

"Bridge Building 2016"
exchange portfolio for Melanie Yazzie

This piece is about building special connections. We meet, interact, and spend time with so many people over the course of our lives. Whether it is for business, professional, social, or personal, the majority of these people simply come and go.

However, once in a blue moon, we meet someone special, a unique individual who inspires us, someone who we really click with. We feel a magnetic energy and instant bond, a deep-rooted understanding, as this person like and accepts us for our flaws, not in spite of them. These connections are rare, few and far between, which is probably what makes them so significant.

Strong relationships change and inform us, support, nurture, comfort, sustain, and empower us, endure the good and the ugly. We may see this person frequently, seldom, or once in a decade, but that bond is never broken.

Uncommon bond is a visual work of art that expresses the spark of that connection.