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Reach for the Stars and Beyond
Reach for the Stars and Beyond
woodblock and screenprint on Tyvek
10' x 8'

created in tandem with Artist Residency, January-March, 2018
Permanent installation at Children's Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus
235 shapes

Reach for the Stars and Beyond

These fun and playful shapes are a loose interpretation of a bird, though I like to make shapes that are open-ended so viewers can engage their imagination and see what they want to see in the artwork.

The pieces are made of a rip-stop material called Tyvek. On one side, I have printed stars in shades of blue from a woodblock, and screenprinted moons in gold on the other side. The prints are then transformed by hand into dimensional shapes, each approx. 6". Over 200 pieces are suspended from the ceiling in the entryway of the Museum. The pieces greet those arriving and exiting by gently swaying and dancing with air currents.

The printed imagery on the 'bird' shapes are stars and moons, because I feel we tell children when they are young to dream big and reach far, yet at some point, kids seem to lose this optimism and belief in themselves. My hope is that the installation inspires Museum visitors of all ages that we have the power to achieve our goals, no matter our age.